A new report from the Commonwealth Fund is revealing that Donald Trump’s repeated sabotage of insurance markets is taking healthcare away from working people and increasing costs:

“The uninsured rate among working-age people — that is, those who are between 19 and 64 — is at 15.5 percent, up from 12.7 percent in 2016, meaning an estimated 4 million people lost coverage… Rates were up significantly compared with 2016 among adults with lower incomes — those living in households earning less than 250 percent of poverty (about $30,000 for an individual and $61,000 for a family of four).”

Similarly, Trump’s former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price recently admitted that “the Republican tax law would raise the cost of health insurance for some Americans because it repealed a core provision of the Affordable Care Act,” according to the Washington Post.


Bill Schuette is running for governor on a promise to help Trump repeal healthcare even though Trump’s plan would lead to skyrocketing prices and gut care for thousands of Michiganders. The Michigan Democratic Party held a press conference last week to raise the alarm about Bill Schuette and Donald Trump’s costly healthcare takeaway.

“Working families in Michigan are already feeling the pain from Donald Trump’s blatant sabotage of our healthcare,” stated Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “Republican politicians don’t understand that this isn’t a political game — it’s about protecting the health and financial security of Michigan’s middle class. But instead of standing up for our workers, Bill Schuette has been one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders as he tries to rip their healthcare away.”