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Wednesday, February 14, 2018
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It’s Time to Remove Schuette from Duty on the MSU Investigation
FOIA Docs Show Schuette Misled Public on Independence of So-Called Independent Investigator

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement today, on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon, regarding the latest unintentional yet factual admission from Attorney General Bill Schuette that once again shows his tangled web of conflict makes him unfit and unqualified to lead the investigation into Michigan State University. Documents obtained by the Detroit Free Press show that Schuette misled the public on the degree of independence his so-called “independent investigator,” William Forsyth, would have from Schuette himself during the investigation into MSU’s handling of the Nassar case:

“Another day, another Bill Schuette conflict of interest,” said Brandon Dillon, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “Once again, Bill Schuette wants to have it both ways — pretend he’s doing the right thing while ensuring everything he says or does, first and foremost, benefits Bill Schuette. There’s no debating the facts here because this time the proof is on paper, not just the usual Schuette attempt to play both sides of an issue. Bill Schuette can no longer be allowed to use victims as political props or taxpayer resources to prop up his campaign. It’s long past time someone capable, honest, and credible take over the investigation into MSU because Bill Schuette does not hold those qualifications nor has he ever met those standards. Michiganders have had enough BS to last a lifetime and deserve someone who puts truth over politics and justice ahead of their personal political ambitions.”