Republican James tweeted opposition to spending bill on grounds it does not contain funding that, in reality, it clearly does include.

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement, on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon, in response to Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James’s tweet today declaring his opposition to the omnibus spending bill while making it clear he doesn’t even know what’s in it:

“Clearly, John James should have taken the time to actually read the bill. If he had, he would know this bill includes a pay increase for our troops and one of the largest investments in years in our military and our veterans.”

“If he had kept reading, James would also see that despite Donald Trump’s continued efforts to zero out funding to protect our Great Lakes, $300 million in funding was fully restored to protect our state’s greatest natural treasures. This would not have happened without the leadership of Michigan’s own Senator Debbie Stabenow.”


GOP Senate candidate John James tweeted his opposition to the omnibus bill passed in Congress early Friday morning, clearly not reading the bill before deciding why he’s against it.