LANSING — Following a historically successful election cycle, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon is announcing that he will not seek re-election for another term as state party chair.
As chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, Dillon worked hand-in-hand with MDP Chief Operating Officer Lavora Barnes to create and execute an 83-county strategy to increase grassroots engagement and organize local Democrats, along with activating new donors, so Michigan Democrats have the resources to compete and win. 
Democrats in Michigan made electoral gains in all 83 Michigan counties in 2018 and reclaimed the governor’s office, attorney general’s office, and secretary of state’s office — which is the first time since 1936 Democrats have flipped all three of those statewide offices. Other highlights include:

  • Re-electing Senator Debbie Stabenow to a fourth term in the U.S. Senate

Flipping Michigan’s 8th and 11th congressional seats from red to blue

  • All 3 MDP-endorsed ballot proposals passed

Gaining 5 state House seats, winning the statewide popular vote 5 –47%

  • Picking up 5 state Senate seats and bringing an end to the GOP supermajority, which is the most significant Democratic pickup since 1974 Winning all 6 University Board seats and both State Board of Education seats

Defeating a Snyder appointee for Michigan Supreme Court, cutting Republican majority to 4–3

“It’s been an honor to lead a storied Democratic Party that fights relentlessly for Michigan’s workers and their families. From day one, Lavora and I have been a team, and I’m extremely proud of the winning operation we built and the historic gains Michigan Democrats made at the ballot box. When I took on this challenge, one of my top goals was to help elect a Democratic governor — and we accomplished that with Governor-Elect Gretchen Whitmer’s decisive victory,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “I’m incredibly grateful for our dedicated Democratic public servants, talented staff around the state, and every volunteer who worked really hard for little recognition. The Michigan Democratic Party is in its strongest position in decades, and now it’s time for another leader to take these successes, and our party, to the next level.”
Dillon was elected chair in 2015. He was previously a State Representative and Kent County Commissioner.
The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party is elected every two years after the state’s November general election. This year the election for chair will take place at a Michigan Democratic Party convention in February at Cobo Center in Detroit.