LANSING — Editorial boards in Michigan and across the country have been slamming Republican politicians in the Michigan legislature for their unprecedented lame duck power grab.
New York Times: “Are these political shenanigans norm shattering? Absolutely. They’re obnoxious and cynical, too. And it is regrettable that one political party in particular is so insecure about the merits of its ideas — and the concept of representative democracy — that it feels the need to push a political system under strain even further toward extremism.”
USA Today: “Lame-duck GOP power grabs show contempt for voters.”
Washington Post: “The GOP’s underhanded dealing in Wisconsin and Michigan is just the latest in a trend of Republicans upending principles of good government and democratic accountability for political gain.”
Chicago Sun-Times: “We hold elections to let voters steer government in the direction they choose. To manipulate the system to go in a different direction is simply undemocratic.”
MLive: “The Republican-led legislature, instead of respecting those decisions, is trying to render them moot by limiting the power of executive-branch officials and making changes to the ballot proposals Michiganders voted on less than a month ago.”
Detroit Free Press: “With at least a week to go in their lame-duck session, Michigan’s Republican state legislators are winning national notoriety for their efforts to sabotage the government they’ve ruled for eight years.”
Detroit News: “This is not the year for cramming through a wish list of partisan or controversial legislation that legislators were unwilling or unable to pass when they were still accountable to voters.”
Traverse City Record Eagle: “Lame duck flurries are bad governance — and its dark magic has a way of backfiring on those who use it.”

Lansing State Journal: “The Legislature’s move to limit the authority of the incoming Democratic governor, attorney general and secretary of state is unconscionable. It’s a power grab from a party that can’t come to grips with the facts: The people of Michigan, in record numbers, voted for new leadership and a new direction — let them lead.”
WXYZ: “…these kind of backroom games is what has angered voters and soured them on the political process.”

Huron Daily Tribune: “No matter whether you consider yourself a Republican or Democrat — or conservative, liberal or progressive — you should be concerned about these moves because they undermine the electorate…” 
The Port Huron Times Herald: “We have lost count of the atrocities perpetrated in the current lame duck session of our state Legislature. Our lawmakers unseemly behavior can only further damage the public’s confidence in our state government, which is already the least accountable and least transparent in the nation.”
Detroit Jewish News: “The Michigan legislature is using dark of night tactics to thwart the will of the people during the lame duck session, when many of the legislators have been termed out or voted out and cannot be held accountable for their actions.”
Toledo Blade: “Actions like this are probably unconstitutional, besides being spiteful and setting a horrible political example at a time when trust in government is already low.”